This is a very basic question, as I am a newbie on Unix systems. I have installed latex2rtf following the OS X specific instructions. As I do not have root rights (university computer), I installed Xcode to modify the Makefile:

#Base directory - adapt as needed
# Unix:

Where ... is my home folder. Then I run the commands make; make check; make install (could not use sudo) and latex2rtf was installed to latex2rtf folder in my home directory. If I try to open latex2rtf file in bin folder, I get a new terminal window, where I can write anything without any kind of response. If I write latex2rtf in terminal I get a message: -bash: latex2rtf: command not found

So a simple question: how do I use latex2rtf on OS X in this case?

  • You need to put /Users/.../latex2rtf on your PATH - Althogh for this software I would ask the system administrator how to get latex on the computer – mmmmmm Jul 17 '14 at 12:49

Thanks to Mark for the solution, which was pretty basic, indeed:

Open your .bash_profile file in Home directory (you can use terminal to open it, or tick "Show Hidden Items" in Finder on OS X 10.9.4). Add following to it:

export PATH=$PATH:/Users/.../latex2rtf/bin

Where the part after ":" specifies the location of latex2rtf file. In this case "..." is the home directory.

Save the file and exit. Run following in terminal:

source $HOME/.bash_profile

latex2rtf command should work now in terminal. The code is from here.

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