When docking my Macbook Pro Retina to a Thunderbolt display I need to plug in two cables (a power cable plug, and a thunderbolt cable). I read in a comment that there might be a simple way of clipping the cables together so that they can be plugged into the Macbook in one motion.

  • Is there a clip that can be purchased that links the power cable and thunderbolt cable together for individual entry?
  • Alternatively, is there some simple do-it-yourself option for keeping the cable together and in the one place?

After a little searching I found a few options

  • The Macbook Pro Dock Cable from Prototype Asia.. This looks like a very cheap clipping option. However, the company or individual selling it seems pretty small-scale.

  • ZenDock is a simple docking solution that makes a single left side plug for power and other thuderbolt ports. At time of posting (July 2014), it is only available on pre-order.

  • LandingZone 2.0 Pro provides a docking and security solution that allows for one-click entry of power and thunderbolt.

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