I upgraded a test server running snow leopard to mavericks and then was having some weirdness so I decided to recreate my open directory, users and groups.

Server appears to be running and I am able to connect from a laptop /user

But... Work group manager does not see the users in Server except the server diradmin user, and there is a message at the top that says "Viewing local directory /Local/Default. Not Authenticated."

Now I'm assuming the problem is that I need to authenticate Work group manager but I don't see how...

Previously I did see my users but they were all grey'd out. I think that's when I decided to recreate my open directory, users and groups. but now I see nothing as I said.

Also I get a message from Work Group Manager You are working in a directory node that is not visible to the network.

I should mention,

HOST NAME is nserver.local

WORK GROUP MANAGER Version 10.9 (421) SERVER Version 3.1.2 (1354517)

My users are all Local Network Users, My server does not use a domain name, I intend to have shared user storage, VPN and perhaps calendar.

Any tips or ideas?


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I don't recall seeing this before in Snow leopard (the interface was slightly different...), on the same line at the message "Viewing local directory /Local/Default. Not Authenticated." there is a small triangle --- clicking on this reveals a drop menu.

Select LDAPv3 from the list. Then click on the lock at the far end of that bar. Authenticate as DIRADMIN and it works.

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