The sent items folder is about 8 GB and I need to clear it out to free up space. Is there any way to do it without selecting each individual message?

  1. Go to your Sent folder
  2. Tap on the "Edit"-Button on the top right
  3. Select the first email in your list
  4. Hold down the "Move" button
  5. While you are still holding the "Move"-Button, deselect the first E-Mail
  6. Put away all your fingers from the screen and wait a few seconds
  7. Now Mail asks you where to move ALL of your emails
  8. Select the Trash-Folder
  9. Inside the Trahs-Folder, you can delete all items at once
  • nice not many People know this trick ;-)
    – konqui
    Jul 11 '14 at 16:54
  • This is one of the craziest Apple easter eggs I have ever seen, when a simple delete all button would suffice. Jul 27 '17 at 2:00

This worked for me:

  1. Select the Sent Items folder
  2. Select Edit
  3. Select Select All (all the sent e-mails will be highlighted)
  4. Press the Delete key (all the highlighted e-mails will move to the Deleted Items folder
    • a) Right click on the Deleted Items folder
    • b) Select Empty 'Deleted Items' folder


  1. If your Outlook is set-up to automatically delete the items in the Deleted Items folder, they will auto delete when you close Outlook.
  • Where do you get “right click” on a touch screen? Apr 14 '20 at 6:29

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