Does anyone know how to do an iTunes windows bulk delete of files for songs no longer on my hard drive?


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Ipod Cleaner did the trick.


As already said by ghoppe, if you want to delete files that are present in your iTunes application but do not exist in your hard drive (they have a ‘!’ next to them), you can follow his link.

For what is worth, I’ve had success in the past using Doug’s Script. It’s very easy to use, just copy to your [username]/Library/iTunes/Scripts (if the folder doesn’t exist, just create it), go back to iTunes and in your iTunes script menu, you’re going to have this:

alt text

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This link describes several possible solutions:


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Use the Comments field. Write something in the Comments field. Commit the change. Only files found will be updated. Sort via the Comments field then delete the ones without your Comment.

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