so, i have CS6 on Mac (OS Mavericks).

my Mac took a nose dive recently. long story super short... i have a new mac & re-installed my CS6 on it.

but, in order to launch Illustrator, it requires that i install JAVA too. and i just really don't wanna do that. picky & trivial of me? maybe; but it's a desire i have. and that's a different topic i don't really wish to get in to in THIS thread.

additionally, i've just grown more & more irritated & unhappy with Adobe's apps (also a discussion for a different thread).

so i just thought i'd see if there were any new vector graphics apps out there that could fulfill my needs. the most important of which would be to open my pre-existing .ai files (check: there are several good ones - like Sketch, iDraw, Bluetail, Intaglio, Inkscape, etc) AND be able to directly edit pre-existing text in its layers -BUT- none of them seem to be able to edit text layers (and yes, i have the same fonts). they all appear to open the ai file as a raster image or vector image, but no layers nor editable text.

so i'm just wondering if i've missed something or if it's true - that the proprietary ai format is unusable fully in any other app - or is there one i've missed or a method i failed to find. (?)

thanks much.

  • maybe you can use Gimp I know it isn't a Vector Graphic Progam but it has built in support for many Filetypes and if it hasn't there still may be the chance that there is a plugin/addon which will add the support to it. Also there may be the chance to change the suffix to pdf and open them in a PDF Editor according to this blog entry weblogs.asp.net/jongalloway/… i found by just googleing "open adobe ilustrator files" - forinformation i havn't tried out so no prove that it works. – konqui Jul 10 '14 at 5:44
  • @Konqui - thanks for the suggestions! but i haven't been able to find any Gimp plugins that'd help with this sitch. and nothing i've read about Inkscape really answers the specifics of my question. so i guess i'm just gonna have to try it. CURIOUS: i got a couple emails that there were more than your 1 reply here, yet, you're it. odd. – SyberKnight Jul 15 '14 at 4:32
  • Don't know maybe i generated more than one mail cause i edited my comment to add the link. Found some other interesting blog entry about Gimp and *.ai Files dorothyswords.blogspot.ch/2012/02/… – konqui Jul 15 '14 at 4:38
  • thanks again KONQUI! i'll just go ahead & install gimp & play with it as well as inkwell - but i've read that even tho this new link you sent is doable, it rasterizes the layers from illustrator; so they're not vector anymore. but i'll play around with it & post back next chance i get in case anybody's interested. thanks again! – SyberKnight Jul 15 '14 at 14:58

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