Most of the soundtracks in my iTunes library have the Album Artist tag "Various Artists" and so they all appear together in the V's in Albums view. A few soundtracks have only one artist (composer) or mainly one artist, and they appear in a different location.

For example, the soundtrack for The Incredibles appears with the M's for the artist, Michael Giacchino.

Should I change the Album Artist tag to "Various Artists" to make it sort with the other soundtracks? Maybe I should change the Album Artist tag in all of my soundtracks to "Soundtrack".

Any better ideas? Thanks!

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You've pretty much figured it out. Just pick a consistent description to use for the Album Artist or Sort Artist and your albums will group together, while being able to preserve the artist for a specific track. The de facto standard for this seems to be calling it "Various Artists", but there's no reason you can't do whatever suits you, whether that's "Soundtracks" or a specific title for each individual soundtrack album.

example soundtrack sorting options

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