I recently moved my home folder to another internal HDD on my MacbookPro (early 2011 OSX 10.9.4). I'm having an issue where in-app file dialogs cannot display my new home directory or its contents. I thought about trying to repair disk permissions but the option is greyed out in Disk Utility and I get the following error when trying to run it in terminal

sudo diskutil repairpermissions /Volumes/Data
Error starting permissions repair for disk1s2 Data: Unable to determine the Mac OS X version on the targeted disk (-69831)

I also tried rebooting into recovery mode and using the repair option in the resetpassword dialog but the /Volumes/Data disk does not appear, only the main boot volume.

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Make sure the Users & Groups > Advanced Options options for your moved user account is correct.

  1. Launch System Preferences.app
  2. Select Users & Groups
  3. Unlock the panel
  4. Control + Click on the moved account and select Advanced Options…*
  5. Update Home directory: to the correct, full, path to your moved home folder.

System Preferences > Users & Groups on Mac OS X - some details redacted

  • Hi. Yes, this is how I moved my home folder in the first place. Everything seemed to work except for this odd behaviour which prevents me from selecting the folder from within applications.
    – codecowboy
    Jun 30, 2014 at 13:59
  • Good to hear you found a fix. Jun 30, 2014 at 16:15

This resolved it:

sudo chflags nohidden /Users

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