I'm using Mavericks OS X (10.9.3), I installed virtual box v 4.3.12 and downloaded the windows7 enterprise edition image file for 64 bit (licensed version) it has the file name as English_Windows_7_Professional_SP1_W64_X17-59186.img

When I'm trying to install Windows 7 through virtual box, it shows some error after adding the .img file

Failed to open the optical disk file /Users/Downloads/English_Windows_7_Professional_SP1_W64_X17-59186/English_Windows_7_Professional_SP1_W64_X17-59186.img.

Could not get the storage format of the medium '/Users/Downloads/English_Windows_7_Professional_SP1_W64_X17-59186/English_Windows_7_Professional_SP1_W64_X17-59186.img' (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED).

Result Code:    VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80BB0005)
Component:  Medium
Interface:  IMedium {05f2bbb6-a3a6-4fb9-9b49-6d0dda7142ac}
Callee: IVirtualBox {fafa4e17-1ee2-4905-a10e-fe7c18bf5554}
Callee RC:  VBOX_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND (0x80BB0001)

While adding the virtual disk file, it doesn't show .img file as a supportive file type. Take a look at the screenshot. (in the above case, I selected all type of files)

enter image description here

  1. Select a virtual machine by clicking its name in the VirtualBox window
  2. Click the Machine menu at the top of the VirtualBox window, and click Settings
  3. Click the Storage category in the Settings window
  4. Right-click in the storage tree pane, and click Add Floppy Controller
  5. Right-click the Floppy Controller device, and click Add Floppy Device
  6. Click the Choose Disk button in the prompt window that appears
  7. Navigate to the floppy disk image file (.IMG) on your computer and double-click it

If that doesn't work, try renaming the .IMG as .ISO and mount it.

If that too doesn't work, use VBoxManage's convertfromraw command as follows:

VBoxManage convertfromraw -format VDI [filename].img [filename].vdi

Mount the VDI as a disk.


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