Today I checked out my MacBook Air's storage and found that my Mac is using 70.53 GB on applications out of 120.47 GB. I can't figure out where it is being used as I didn't download any applications. How can free up my Mac's storage?


To see the size of each application

  • open the /Applications folder in Finder
  • switch to list view
  • make sure to have 'Size' selected in the options (Cmd-J)

and wait a few minutes until all folder sizes are calculated by the system. Then sort by Size and remove any big apps you don't need any longer. I wouldn't recommend to delete the standard applications though.

  • I checked the size of all my applications it's around 10 GB... Why is it showing 70 GB O_o – user83329 Jun 22 '14 at 15:48
  • I’d also add checking the /Library folders—very carefully. The last thing you want to do is delete something that will muck things up. – Jerry W. Oct 21 '14 at 12:44

I am a big fan of DaisyDisk. It provides a nice graphical view of the different types of data on your disk. It also permits you to drill down into each data type to get details, as well as delete files from within the application.

Here's a sample of how it looks:



I suggest to use this free and opensource utility: GrandPerspective

It will show you graphically the disk usage. For each rectangle there is also the option "Reveal in Finder" (right click menu) to open directly the selected file/folder.


You have applications in places other than the Applications folder. To see them all run the system information app (About this Mac > More Info... > System Report...and select Applications under Software in the left panel

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