I clean my iPad regularly and I noticed that my storage space doesn't show true free space. I have used 12.8GB for apps. It shows 7.7GB available and 5.1GB used. I used calculator and it shows I should only have 2.9GB used. How to fix this?

What I've tried:

  • resetting the iPad to factory defaults (no iTunes restore or anything - stock); problem persisted over reset also (I had no apps installed and it still showed like 900MB used).
  • used Tongbu to "clean" data
  • went to Apps section in iTunes and checked for Keynote files, etc. but nothing was there (only 1 file cca. 5MB)
  • I went to General - Usage to click through the apps manually (but no secret data was stored).

Is this some sort of bug?

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  • I guess it looks like it's time for an iTunes restore. Don't forget to backup. And you might also put the device into DFU mode before restore. It's not necessary but it just resets the ROM. Good to perform anyway. After restore try using the iPad without the backup. Maybe some corrupt file in your current state is causing the problem. – Can Sürmeli Jun 20 '14 at 9:29

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