I would like to know whether there are any advantages to using iPhoto on Mac for my pictures taken on my iPhone. For the past few years I have simply exported all images via Image Capture which stores the actual file to a location on my hard drive. Recently I have had to use iPhoto to get images off an iCloud shared stream, I have noticed when importing the images it saves into one file (almost like a database) instead of individual JPEG files.

Can someone tell me whether what pros and cons are there to using iPhoto instead of manually saving images?

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Most things you can do in iPhoto you can do in Preview and Finder, except a lot slower. Organization in iPhoto is more powerful than simply using a file system.

  • You can sort:
    • by Event
    • by Location
    • by Person via facial recognition
  • Arrange into albums (Unlike folders, photos can reside within multiple albums.)
  • Shows extra metadata, such as:
    • Stars
    • Camera and settings used
    • Map position
  • Allows basic image touch ups:
    • Color-grading
    • Auto touchup (really hand, fast and convenient)
    • Built in "straighten" function (also very useful)
    • Auto-enhance
    • Automatically retains "originals" in case you want to revert an edit
  • Manages Facebook and Flickr albums

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