Is there iPhone App to solve the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) for real world addresses?

I found solver for OSM data?

But I can not find in repo sources for iPhone.

  • TSP Solver for OSM wiki says that IPhone is supported platform. There is online solver using Google Maps – hellboy May 3 '11 at 7:23
  • You might get a response to this if you post to cs-theory on stack exchange. cstheory.stackexchange.com – dan8394 Aug 9 '11 at 13:00
  • How would this work in practice as opposed to a theoretical exercise? Real world addresses means tight integration to an up-to date road map database which means that you will need to restrict your area from the globe to an area where this data is available. I see this as a nice armchair exercise, but fail to see what problem you are facing today and how this can be answered in its current form. – bmike Aug 16 '12 at 17:03

Nothing is remotely close. I'd watch the Wolfram Alpha app as they'd be my obvious choice for someone that would enable a "mail the data" to their servers for a solution.

iOS is certainly powerful enough to solve this class of problems, but we're still waiting for someone to invest the time in releasing an "app for that".

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