On OS X, a new Chrome tab can be opened by pressing Cmd+T, but on Windows you press Ctrl+T. This works fine if you map Cmd to Ctrl in Parallels, but becomes problematic when cycling between tabs.

In Windows Ctrl+Tab advances to the next tab, but in OS X Cmd+Tab switches between applications. As a result I am constantly context-switching for Chrome between OS X and Windows in Parallels. Furthermore, I have to move a finger to the Ctrl key to cycle between tabs on OS X.

Is there a recommended way to reconcile these differences so that I can preferably cycle between tabs with Cmd+Tab without ruining other key combinations?

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The best I've found is to go into Parallels Preferences and add the key-binds I use:

  • Cmd-Shift-R Full Refresh
  • Cmd-R Simple Refresh
  • Cmd-Shift-I Open Dev Tools
  • Cmd-O While Dev Tools are open, search for a file

Maybe others will have additional shortcuts that they use.

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