I often switch back and forth between working on a Final Cut project and working on a Motion generator or title I use in that project. If I make changes to the Motion project, I have to restart Final Cut to see those changes reflected in the instances of the generator or title already in the timeline.

Is there a way to get Final Cut to reload the Motion files without restarting it?

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Hey Peeja… the "official" way is to simply REPLACE the title or whatever in the timeline with the original from the browser. Select in the timeline, then select in the browser and hit ⌥R to "Replace from Start". Or drag from the browser ontop of the timeline instance and select replace from the pop-up.

It's because the edited version only exists in the browser and the instance in the timeline is independent of it.

The UNofficial/Power User way 💪🏼😖… simply CUT the title or whatever from the timeline and… PASTE. Done. 😉


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