I come from a Linux/PC world as a heavy Emacs user and for the last year, I've "dealt" with the standard OS X key remapping. It's OK, but the things that bother me are:

  • Option + Key doesn't operate as Meta by default (though works inside Emacs), instead it operates as a compose key.
  • Control-C/Control-V are not true cut-n-paste
  • Why the hell did the Function key have to be where the Control-L key should be?

I spent some time yesterday with KeyRemap4MacBook and PCKeyboardHack and came up with a general approximation of what I want.

PCKeyboardHack - Swap CapsLock

  • Select Caps Lock->Change Caps Lock
  • Enter keycode 63 (for Fn key)

KeyRemap4MacBook - Move things around

  • Command_L to Escape
  • Command_R to Escape
  • ControL to Fn
  • Fn to Control_L (+ Option-L+Fn to Fn)
  • Option_L to Command_L
  • Option_R to Control_R
  • Use PC Style Copy/Paste

The only thing that remains "broken" is the use of Option_L or Option_R as a pressed meta-key and another key on the keyboard. Meta-F and Meta-B are commonly used Emacs keybindings for hopping forward and backwards between words. With the configuration above, I must release the Option key to affect Meta again. I've tried to play around with the Key Repeat settings, but haven't come up with a solution using the KR4MB UI. Any suggestions? Am I going to have to abandon this pursuit altogether?

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