CMD-L brings focus to the Address Bar. Is there are shortcut key for toggling back to the document of the current tab? How else might I achieve this other than a keyboard shortcut built in to Safari?

Context: Safari 7 OSX Mavericks


You can ⇥ back, or alternatively ⇧⇥ which is usually faster.

It takes me two presses of ⇧⇥ to get back from the address bar to the page: one to move to the Add to Reading List button and one to get back to the page. This may be higher if you have the back/forward buttons on the toolbar, and lower if you have Full Keyboard Access disabled in System Preferences.

You can use Keyboard Maestro to create a macro which lets you get back to the page with a single keyboard shortcut.

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    In my safari, with 1password installed, it takes 6 shift tabs to get back to the page. Tabbing forward, I have to press tab 5+(the number of tabs I have open). :/ I have seen Keyboard Maestro, but would rather just tab it, or click on the page then spend the money to enable one action. – Chad Skeeters Jun 3 '14 at 15:09

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