I am using OsiriX (5.8.5 32-bit) to generate a 3D MIP from a series of DICOM images. According to the official site and every other site I have looked at, exporting a Quicktime VR is one click away. The MIP looks great, however I cannot see the option to export to Quicktime VR anywhere. I have seen the option in the user guides as a button in the toolbar (it looks somewhat 5 years old), though I can't imagine they'd take away such a handy feature.

Anyone else manage to find it?

  • The best I can do is a movie export to a .mov, which is an animated rotation of the 3D object. – Orange Peel Jun 2 '14 at 9:23
  • Looking in the files of the application, I found the icon which appears in the user guides. Too bad it doesn't show up in the actual application. – Orange Peel Jun 2 '14 at 9:39

Found it! It's no where to be found in recent versions of OsiriX. I had to go back to OsiriX 4.0. Works beautifully though, however you need QT7 to open the files.

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