I often use the Terminal application, especially to commit code to a Git repository, and I don't want to have the window always open. Is there a utility that allows to open a terminal window using a shortcut?

  • are you asking if there is a utility that opens a terminal window and then closes it after your done? cause technically "Terminal" does what your asking – luca590 May 1 '11 at 18:23
  • @luca590 I am asking for an application that opens a terminal window with a shortcut; I can reset my Mac, but I want to still be able to open a terminal window with a shortcut. – kiamlaluno May 1 '11 at 18:28
  • you can copy terminal and paste it to your desktop or where ever you feel necessary if that is sufficient – luca590 May 1 '11 at 18:36

DTerm may be exactly what you are after: it's like a file location aware terminal that pops in and out of view. So you can activate it while you've got a file selected in terminal (or XCode, or whatever) and take an action on the file (like commit a change) and then it gets out your way.

It's free and also available on the Mac App Store.


Check out iTerm2 (see also the Google project page). You can bind a key combination as a way to show/hide the terminal. In a way, you achieve the same thing as the before mentioned Visor; yet, iTerm2 offers more functionality than Terminal.app.

Combine this with alfred/quicksilver and iTerm2 profiles for more hotkey awesomeness.


Visor does that: http://visor.binaryage.com/

In case you just want a command line, use: http://decimus.net/DTerm/


Use Quicksilver! You can setup hot-keys for launching apps. Plus it does a bunch of other neat things :)


Alfred is a wonderful Quicksilver-like app that can do this, providing that you purchase the PowerPack. I use this quite frequently; I just bring up the window and type > cd ~/Developer and then hit return.


I like apptivate, it ain't free.. but it's superfast (unlike visor eg)! It works for any app, plus you get a peek option, alowing you to peek into the shortcutted app.


I just press Apple and space to bring up spotlight

Followed by typing 'te' which finds terminal and then hit return.

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