I have been working on a project on iMovie and yesterday I opened iMovie to continue working on it but I can't find it.

It says I have two projects but it only shows me one project and I am freaking out because I am suppose to show this video at my graduation for my whole school and every things gone but I don't know where it went.

Can you please help me find out where it went and get it back?

  • I made a chat room for you. Please use it to discuss your problem and not the comment feature of the site. Thanks.
    – Ian C.
    Commented May 31, 2014 at 20:46
  • @Buscar웃 i did what you said i am suppose to do but i didn't find it all it says in the movie folder is imovie library,imovie theater and motion templates
    – user79432
    Commented May 31, 2014 at 21:42
  • This might be stupid but do you have 2 iMovie applications. Look under applications.
    – Ruskes
    Commented May 31, 2014 at 22:15
  • @user79432 you should be able to join that chat room now. Sorry that took so long to sort out.
    – Ian C.
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Open Finder, on the far left of your Dock, then click "Applications" on the sidebar, then double-click "Utilities", then "Terminal". In the window that shows up, paste this in:

term="$(osascript -e 'text returned of (display dialog "What do you want to find?" default answer "rcproject")')"; d=0; for x in $(find ~ -iregex ".*$term.*" | sed 's/ /\ /g'); do let d++; osascript -e 'on run argv' -e 'tell app "Finder" to reveal (POSIX file (item 1 of argv) as string)' -e end "$x" >/dev/null; if [[ d -gt 10 ]]; then echo "Press Control-C to quit."; fi done; if [[ $d -ne 0 ]]; then open -a Finder; else v="$(osascript -e 'button returned of (display dialog "No files were found. Try again looking everywhere?")')"; if [[ $v = OK ]]; then for x in $(find / -iregex ".*$term.*" 2>/dev/null | sed 's/ /\ /g'); do let d++; osascript -e 'on run argv' -e 'tell app "Finder" to reveal (POSIX file (item 1 of argv) as string)' -e end "$x" >/dev/null; done; open -a Finder; fi; fi; open ~/Movies/ #END

If you're having trouble selecting it all, double-click the first word ("term"), then scroll all the way to the right, then hold shift and click on where it says "END".

Press return ↩ if another window doesn't show up.

Then, the window should ask what you want to find. Leave what's in there at first, because rcproject should match all iMovie files. If it says it couldn't find any files, click OK. If it still couldn't find any files (it might take a long time to look), then repeat the above with something else (like Klass 6B-9B). I doubt you will find anything else, unfortunately.

A Finder window will pop up with your Movies folder. If any others show up behind it, try dragging those things (only .rcprojects will work for this) into the iMovie Projects folder in that window.

I don't know where it says you have two projects, but if this doesn't work, it's possible that the file got corrupted somehow…


This is truly SPF event.

OK, Using Finder look in this folders for your file.

Klass 6B-9B

To modify the side bar click on Finder-> preferences and then select Movie Folder like this


This could be also a case of mistaken identity.

For example I have 2 versions of the iMovie application. the version 9 and the version 10.

See if you have that as well, since the movies/projects are not saved in same location.

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    "SPF event" -- what's that?
    – Ian C.
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I just found my project! imovie quit unexpectedly and then I opened it back up, selected "all projects" in the left column and when I clicked on the thumbnail for the video i got back to the editing screen with all my edits! SOOOOO happy right now, hope this works for someone else too!! xo Krissy


I just experienced this after a Big Sur 11.2.1 update with iMovie 10.2.2. After trying a number of different things, the only thing that solved it for me was resetting iMovie by deleting the preferences as described at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203922

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