I have a Dock at home and work. They both use versions of the pluggable usb 3.0 chipset.

Each dock has a keyboard and trackball attached. When I move from one dock to another the keyboard and trackpad on the Macbook stop working. Is there a way to reset the device subsystem without rebooting?

Details that may be relevant:
  Model Name:         MacBook Pro
  Model Identifier:       MacBookPro11,2
  Processor Name:         Intel Core i7
  SMC Version (system):   2.18f6

  System Version:   OS X 10.9.3 (13D65)
  Kernel Version:   Darwin 13.2.0

Could be related to When reconnecting my laptop to an external monitor, the USB ports stop working, as I do use outlook.

Also similar to Internal keyboard and trackpad stop working after plugging in USB device

These questions do not ask how to reset the subsystem, which is a hack. I can work around the issue if I know that piece of information.


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