I am running an app (Simple Floating Clock) that runs as an agent (LSUIElement assigned to 1 in the app's Info.plist).

I would like to assign the app to "All Desktops" that I run. Normally, if an app is not an agent, I can right click on the dock icon, select options, and then click "All Desktops".

Is there a simple way to set the all desktops behavior, maybe using the command line or something?

  • I did just notice that the app I mentioned has a menu bar icon, so it does provide an option for the functionality that I am looking for. However, I think that the question is still a valid one. – Mike May 28 '14 at 18:53

Assign the app to All Desktops, then set LSUIElement to 1. It should remember the change and abide by it even though it now runs as an agent.

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