I am trying to get rid of the GrowlMail notification. I have tried to follow instructions posted and can get into the Library to find the Mail folder but do not know how to find the /Library/Mail/Bundles/GrowlMail.mailbundle to remove the mail bundle. I am going in through the finder on OS X 10.9.3

I am a real novice so need clear steps to follow. The steps I have been trying are here: How to remove GrowlMail (on Mavericks)?

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    Could you edit your post to include a link to the instructions you are following? also, Welcome to Ask Different! – bmike May 27 '14 at 22:22

In Finder's "Go" menu there is a command "Go to Folder..." (or: shift + command + G when Finder is the active application)

If you paste in the /Library/Mail/Bundles it will take you to that folder.

I tried it on my computer and it didn't go (I just got an alert ding) because the folder doesn't exist.

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    Thank you very, very much! I got it out and am no longer plagued with that message. – Jenn May 29 '14 at 18:25

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