I want to create a Christmas card group from my Contacts list. However, I only want to use the home address and NOT the work address or alternate address. Is there any way I can just pick one of the addresses when I add them to the group?

  • iOS? OS X? version? Is this a secular or non-secular Christmas card group? – chillin May 27 '14 at 5:54

If members of a group in Contacts have multiple addresses or phone numbers, you can select which address or number to use when sending email to that group or when printing contact information.

  • Choose Edit > Edit Distribution List.

  • Select the group. You can’t select Smart Groups.

  • Click the rightmost column header to choose the information to manage: email (address), phone (number), or (street) address.

  • Select an address or number for each member.

Source: From the Help menu in Contacts on Mavericks.

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