I am trying to reach the time capsule on a remote network. After following the advice of another question I realised the router/network doesn't support NAT-PMP/UPnP and thus I get to configure the time capsule as available through icloud, but I'm never able to reach it outside of the network.

However, I am able to ssh into an old powerpc I have port mapped on the router to a static IP. Is there any way to tunnel the time capsule backup through ssh? I've also tried sshuttle which works perfectly to forward dns/http requests. But it doesn't seem to make time capsule backups available, since the finder doesn't show any shared devices on the network.

I would gladly try a solution like FreeLan but unfortunately their support goes back to 10.7 and the old PowerPC machine inside the remote network serving as entry only has 10.5.x.

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You would need to forward TCP port 548, which is AFP (Apple Filing Protocol). This is the storage protocol used by Time Machine to access content on a Time Capsule.

Note: This will not necessarily make it possible for your remote systems to auto detect the Time Capsule - as any DNS information (Bonjour) you forward would probably be incorrect as it needs to be translated (i.e. a different IP-address).

Connect to the Time Capsule directly using the IP instead. From Finder select Go => Connect to Server and then enter: afp://

Substitute your own IP ofcourse!

  • Nice, it hadn't occurred to me to use a static ip. Browsing doesn't show up anything but with sshuttle I can indeed mount the remote time capsule with an IP address. So it's just the browsing which doesn't get forwarded with sshuttle. May 26, 2014 at 17:39

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