I'd like to set my (iOS7) iPhone's camera to always default to HDR on. I do enable HDR when I'm taking pictures, but it always seems like the iPhone forgets the setting and goes back to HDR off.


This depends on the "Flash" settings you select:

  • Flash-Auto : HDR - Auto
  • Flash-Off : HDR - On
  • Flash-On : HDR - OFF

So, whenever you force the Flash ON, HDR reverts to OFF. Alternatively, turning Flash OFF retains the HDR ON setting

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On a stock (non-jailbroken) iPhone running iOS 7, this appears to not be possible (see for example https://discussions.apple.com/message/23530580#23530580#23530580). Yes, turning on the flash will automatically disable HDR, but even if the flash is left off the camera will eventually revert to non-HDR mode.

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