How can I disable/hide this automatic volume level pop over that appears when changing the sound level. Is there switch or secret flag to not show this when I change the volume using the volume keys on the keyboard (Macbook)?

Audio Level Setting


I found an answer here

Basically it is going to


You'll see there a lot of pdf-pictures, one of them volume.pdf. You'll want to overwrite that one (backup the old one!) with an empty .pdf. You can also overwrite the mute.pdf, but I dont think that is necessary in movies.

When you open this PDF in Preview, you will see a white square, by default, Preview will show transparency as 'white'. As the illustration is white, and the transparency is white, you will see a white square instead of the white volume logo. You can turn the white transparency off. Go to View, Show Image Background (AltCommandB)

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    In case you are curious about this, like me, and open a file here in Preview and see just a blank white file... Well it seems that Preview must show all PDFs with a white background, and as the content is white... So you need to open it in something other that Preview. – Steve Chambers May 25 '14 at 17:01
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    @SteveChambers You can set the preview background in the Preview Preferences (Command , ) under General; Window Background. And you can turn On and Off the transparency in the main menu bar, go to View, Show Document Background (Alt-Command-B) – CousinCocaine May 25 '14 at 18:49

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