I got caught in the rain yesterday, my iPhone 5 was in my pocket. Some water got into it. Here`s the picture, moisture is under screen surface:

enter image description here

Question is: which area is dry and which is wet? Dark one or light one? I am asking, because the next day dark area increased in size to whole screen size. And now whole screen is dark. I wonder, is now my whole screen dry or is it wet.

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I've once got water in a Dell (work)laptop and it started to get lighter and lighter the further water got. This is because the screen is built with multiple layers and you got water between them.

enter image description here

I would definately recommend you to shut down the device and put it in rice.

  • Well, that's the free way to increase you screen brightness, itn't it? No battery overload, right? If we could get some watery liquid which doesn't evaporate, right?
    – Roman
    May 5, 2018 at 17:38

I think Silica gel would work also and could absorb moisture a bit faster I am not so sure because I haven't tried it yet.

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