I'm having a very strange bug with an application. I've tried to update it but it keeps showing up the old version. I've tried deleting it too, but when I run open -a MyApplication.app it opens it again, even though I'm sure it's not anywhere. If after that I try to install again the new version, it's still showing the old one.

So I assume OSX is caching it somewhere. Does anybody know where this cache is or how to clear it?

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I had the same issue once. I solved it by running AppFresh and scan to check if all apps are updated. When you find the one that gives you trouble, you can right-click and choose Reveal in Finder, and delete it.


As to where it is...

The few times I used Time Machine it would find multiple copies of apps, upon closer inspection those apps were on the Time Machine volume. Do you have one of those hooked up?

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