So I added a Google account to Mac os X and then I decided to fetch my google mails by using "Mail" application..

But then I kept the Google account but removed the "Mail" application from the Google account settings and kept only Calendar and Contacts.

Anyway now when I search for lets say "cv" in spotlight it still finds things from my google mail.

How can I clean this?


If you don't have other Mail accounts with data that you want, quit Mail.app and delete the entire contents of ~/Library/Mail/

If you do have other accounts and only want to remove your Gmail account, quit Mail.app, open the V2 folder inside the above path and delete the folder relevant to the particular account that you want removed.

  • You can apply this command on OSX Console (Terminal): rm -rf ~/Library/Mail/ – Jesús Castro Jul 26 at 2:26

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