I have a ~ 500GB disk in my new Mac, and I would like to create a 128MB HFS+ (Journaled) partition using OS X, but when I tried to do this earlier today the smallest HFS+ partition I could create was 1GB. This partition needs to be only a couple hundred MB big because it's only going to be storing GRUB bootloader, i.e. a boot.efi file and some other small files, so when I hold the "option" key while booting I can boot into the appropriate Linux distribution I have setup. Is it possible to create a 128MB partition with a HFS+ filesystem? I would prefer to used the "diskutil" command line program over using the GUI app "Disk utility".

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So I ended up booting into an ArchLinux live environment, and created a 128MB partition using "cgdisk" then installed hfsprogs. After that I was able to format the partition using mkfs.hfsplus.


it is possible with diskutil command line: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Darwin/Reference/Manpages/man8/diskutil.8.html

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