I have an old MacBook Pro (mid-2008, 15 inch). Apple replaced the main board and I upgraded RAM and replaced HDD.

When I use OSX on it, it freezes randomly and I have to reboot it.

I installed Ubuntu on it, it never freezes but sometimes it hangs for a while. And the other day, I copied many files to it over from network and the files are set read-only mode. I can't delete them even with sudo.

When I use the MacBook, usually it's very hot.

It might be too old to be useful now. However, I like it very much especially the keyboard (the metal one).

What do you think cause the problem? Is there a cheap way to diagnose it to find the problem part? I wouldn't mind spending 100 bucks to revive it.

  • If you're trying to debug it while it's running Ubuntu this might be better suited for askubuntu.com -- but as a general first step: what does /var/log/syslog say? Any warnings about disk errors? Have you run fsck against the disk to see if there are problems? It sure sounds like your disk or disk controller is dying. – Ian C. May 20 '14 at 23:16

It sounds like you might have faulty RAM. your macbook is not too old. I still use my white macbook from early 2008 with a hacked version of ML (not supported by hardware) with no issues. Try Memtest http://memtestosx.org/


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