I've just purchased Keyboard Maestro, and now when I am in a browser and click control-tab, I can no longer advance through the open tabs of the browser the way I did before. That key combination must be used in KM to do something, and that's pre-empting the system shortcut.

How can I find out what action is attached to that keystroke in KM (so I can either change it or disable it)?


Are you using Keyboard Maestro 6? According to their website, ctrl + tab is for windows switcher.

I don't have keyboard maestro, but if you can disable the window switcher, that will fix it.

Alternatively, follow this to re-replace that shortcut. I'll copy and paste that here, with a few differences for your case:

Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts

Then, click the "+" button. Select your browser as the Application on the Window that pops up. Type Select Previous Tab, or whatever it says under Window > Select something tab. in the 'Menu Title' field. Then, press ctrl+tab to set the shortcut and click 'Add' to save.


Open Maestro Switcher

All Macros -> Activate Window Swicher

Window Switcher

And you can change or remove it from there. (click at "-" at the bottom)

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