Is there a VNC Client for OS X that can send Ctrl+Alt+ Delete? I've googled, searched have not found. I frequently VNC into Windows machines and need to send this key combo in order to log in.

  • Off topic: I recommend using NoMachine as remote desktop solution. It runs waay faster than VNC service and also has possibility to send CRLT+ALT+DEL to Windows server (unfortunatelly from menu like in @Dave answer). – Mateusz Szlosek May 14 '14 at 18:29

iTeleport is my VNC client of choice, and does precisely this.

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The built-in Screen Sharing application on OS X is a VNC client that can send Ctrl-Alt-Del:

Laptop keyboard: fn+control+command+delete

Full-size keyboard: control+option+delete

  • I'll note that, for a full-sized Apple keyboard connected to a laptop, the full-size keyboard command sequence fails. Just issuing the laptop keyboard sequence on the laptop itself was the solution (since there's no fn key on my full-sized Apple keyboard). – jamesnotjim Oct 1 '19 at 15:03

If you are using a Mac and screen sharing on a Windows machine, use fn+ctrl+option+delete.


Apple Remote Desktop can send Control Alt Delete:

If you use Remote Desktop to administer a PC that's running VNC, you may be wondering how to send the Ctrl-Alt-Del command (Control-Alternate-Delete) from a Mac to the PC. Though Mac and PC key mapping differs, you can use an alternate key combination in Remote Desktop 2.0 and later to send the command.

For full-size (desktop) keyboards, use Control-Option-Forward Delete.


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    Here's how to send Control-Alt-Delete on a OSX laptop or compact keyboard: fn-control-command-delete. – Sparky1 May 14 '14 at 22:59

After a day of trials this worked for me FnControl Option Delete

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