This is driving me a little bit crazy. In my old PC days I used to press either F5 or F9 (I can't remember) to have Excel recalculate.

What is the Mac equivalent?

PS: Perhaps this is not the place to ask. If so, please redirect me. :)


AFAIK it's F9 on Windows .

So did you try the keystrokes Fn+F9 ?

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  • Unbelievable. I never saw that my Mac has F-keys too. Feeling dumb. Thanks! – Keep these mind May 14 '14 at 9:52
  • Learning something new everyday feels always great :) – Matthieu Riegler May 14 '14 at 9:56

To recalc in Mac:

Command + =

You can try also changing Excel preferences: Command , Calculation "Manually" radio button

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  • For some reason fn + f9 does not work for me. CMD + = does work, however. – Chef1075 Dec 1 '16 at 17:25

fn + f9 works if you disable mission control shortcut (it is defined as F9 by default)

enter image description here

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