My Apple computer is about 6 years old. The original and current apple password is 5 letters, all lower case, plus one digit. It opens my computer and I consider it my apple password. Unfortunately, when on my iPhone or iPad, and I am asked for my "apple password" it does not and cannot work (it doesn't fit password requirements). If I try to create a new password, for my iPhone and iPad, I cannot make it happen, no matter what instructions I have followed in the support information. My husband who has all the Apple gadgets and computer, has tried but is unable to assist me.

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    The password to enter your account on the computer is nothing to do with the Apple password it is for your user name on the computer alone. For iPad/iPhone there are two user ids one for iCloud and one for the App Store you have to register for both of this - have you ever done this? – Mark May 13 '14 at 20:29

If you have ever signed up for an Apple ID, which is the user name you use for everything at Apple including iCloud, you can recover/reset your password at this page:


This is not the same as the password you used to lock down a user account on a computer running OSX.

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