I have tried ISOBuster and IMG Burn but I can't seem to make a Mac compatible ISO? All I can see is the boot camp partition (900MB) in both Windows and Linux. When I try and boot the ISO in VirtualBox (my intended goal) it tells me no bootable medium has been found.


I read that you can use MacDrive.app (it is free for 5 days).

This is what they say about them self:

MacDrive gives you complete control of a Mac disk all from your PC.

You can access Mac disks from your desktop or favorite software, as well as create and partition Mac disks. MacDrive even includes robust tools to help repair Mac disks that are damaged or unreadable on other computers.

The key is it can partition the disk in Mac OS stile, which is must have to make bootable OS disk.

Next step would be to open/extract the OS installer from the OS package (dmg) from your DVD an so on.

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