i want to test something on mac os x (Open VPN) and because i do n't have this os in my local machine i decided to install it on my dedicated server.
so i created a virtual machine on vmware sphere client 5.1 and installed mac using with it's iso file.
after installation i stucked on this page :

Mac OS X Login Page

this is my first time installation of mac os x and i really do n't know what is that user name and password?
during installation i did n't create any user name and password and i think there should be a default user/pass like some linux os's. for example root and toor or something like them.

question #1 : what is that user name and password?

that image was from open console of vmware virtual machine in one of vps's in vmware and my big problem is i can not move mouse in this login page.
i really do n't know what is going on in this page for mouse move, but i can not touch apple logo or users logo with mouse.
also when i tried to use keyboard i only can switch between user name and password textboxes.

question #2 : how can i move mouse in this login page with keyboard or another way?

question #3 : what is your suggestion and how can i enter mac os x in my situation?

i can not open this console in my local machine becaouse my internet speed has problem to showing this login page and this is why i am using one of my vps's.

would be really appreciate to help me about that....

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Sometimes the username is : admin

Password is : admin

Well, actually if this doesn't work a lot of times do not type in nothing, or you can type in "guest" as the username and password. Guest works for me. Sometimes writing nothing also works for me.

I think you should use an external mouse or another mouse and use a Mac mouse for example the mighty mouse or something like that because you are using a Mac Machine / VM.

My suggestion is that you should follow the steps I provided because, you never know, this might actually work out.

Notice :

If you think I posted something wrong on this topic or you need to edit / suggest something please leave a reply.

  • both user name and password : admin -> FAILED – SilverLight May 9 '14 at 22:41
  • both user name and password : guest -> FAILED – SilverLight May 9 '14 at 22:42
  • both user name and password : blank -> FAILED | Any other idea? – SilverLight May 9 '14 at 22:42
  • Hmm. Did you download the copy from apple or from a website? – GummyArgyle May 10 '14 at 12:11
  • Because, if you did. The copy, the owner of the copy has the password, contact him. – GummyArgyle Jun 26 '14 at 18:49

Username: root Password: niresh

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