I have an AppleScript Cocoa application that does a lot of shell scripts like kill or chflags. Is there any way I can try to send it on review to MAS and get it approved?

According to Wikipedia:

Disallowed types of applications revealed by Apple include new apps that are not sandboxed (as of June 1, 2012). At WWDC 2013, Apple announced that this rule no longer applied, and that so-called "temporary exceptions" may be used when the app has a reason not to be sandboxed.

However, Apple OS X Developer website states that sandboxing is required for Mac App Store.

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According to this it is possible but with caveat.

App Sandbox Temporary Exception Entitlements

Note: This chapter describes property list keys specific to the OS X implementation of App Sandbox. They are not available in iOS.

A temporary exception entitlement permits your OS X app to perform certain operations otherwise disallowed by App Sandbox.

If you need to request a temporary exception entitlement, use Apple’s bug reporting system to let Apple know what’s not working for you. Apple considers feature requests as it develops the OS X platform.

Note: If you request a temporary-exception entitlement, be sure to follow the guidance regarding entitlements provided on the iTunes Connect website. In particular, use the Review Notes field in iTunes Connect to explain why your app needs the exception, and include the bug number.

To request a temporary exception entitlement for a target in an OS X Xcode project, add it to the target’s .entitlements property list file using the Xcode property list editor.

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