I downloaded the Admiration Pains font, installed it via Font Book, and verified it works fine in applications like Adobe CS and TextEdit. Unfortunately, when I try to use the font in Microsoft Word 2011, the font renders as some generic font (e.g. Times New Roman). When I highlight the text, Word still reports the font family as Admiration Pains.

Things I've tried with no success:

  1. Restarting Word;
  2. Deleting the Font Cache file and restarting Word;
  3. Changing font size;
  4. Looked for "enabled duplicates" in Font Book;
  5. Confirmed font is enabled in Font Book and that it Validates w/out issue;
  6. Using Font Nuke to remove all caches of fonts and restarting computer.

Any ideas on how I can get this font to render properly in Word?

Here's a screenshot of the font trying to be used, where it renders fine in the font drop down, but not in the document: enter image description here

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My workaround was to use FontForge to open the TTF file and then re-generate the font family in TrueType format. Now Word 2011 shows it correctly.

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