I have got all the dates and times for my class seminars set in iCal, and I've also made week-long events that coincide with my colleges week numbering.

The thing is, I forgot to let out this Easter holidays, which are two weeks that should be blank.

What I want to do is select all events and move them two weeks. How can I do that?

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iCal cannot do this by itself unfortunately. There is a $8 shareware program called Calibrate that can do bulk moves of iCal events. There is a trial period to ensure it does what you want.


Fast forward 7 years! iCal is now Apple Calendar.

You can now select multiple events and use the keyboard shortcuts:

[ | ] to move the events 15min sooner or later (in day/week view) or 1 week (in month view).

[ | ] to move the events 1 day (in day, week & month views).

Events must all be visible - e.g. in day view you can only simultaneously move events that are in Today.

  • and for what it’s worth, this shortcut worked in the days of iCal too!
    – grg
    Jun 9, 2018 at 7:34

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