I'm currently using Slate as my main TWM but the only thing missing is moving app between spaces with key bindings.

I don't want to use the mouse, I know I can drag and drop the window and I can select the window and then switch to an other Space.

I want to do it with the keyboard, just switch the window on focus. Is it possible? Is there a better TWM for mac os than Slate?

Thank you.

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There isn't a spaces support in slate for now. For more info take a look at this issue. You can also use something like BetterTouchTool app for this functionality.


I found this, since not sure what you asking

Switching Windows

Slate allows me to switch to any window I want in one shortcut and a single key press. I can do this using a feature called “Window Hints”. If you have ever used easyMotion for Vim or Vimperator/Vimium you will be familiar with this concept.

When you press a shortcut (I use cmd+e), every window is instantly overlain with a letter, starting with those on the home row of your keyboard. By pressing the letter over a window your focus is transfered to that window. For windows that are hidden behind others the application icon is displayed in the overlay.

  • The question is about moving an application to another space, the link does not provide any related information. Feb 11, 2016 at 18:36

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