Is it possible to switch TO an open application via keyboard shortcut in BetterTouchTool?

Currently I’m using a predefined action “Open Application” instead but it’s not quite the same as I don’t want to switch to the app. if it hasn’t been opened yet.

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A free solution: Use BetterTouchTool to trigger an applescript similar to the following, which will activate Safari if it's running, and do nothing if it's not:

if application "Safari" is running then
    tell application "Safari" to activate
end if

A not free solution: Tie a BetterTouchTool trigger to a Keyboard Maestro macro, which will give you plenty of control over when the application gets activated. The following example would have the same effect as the above AppleScript:

This Keyboard Maestro macro should have the same effect as the AppleScript above

There are many ways to tie BTT to KM, but the easiest is having BTT trigger the hotkey used by KM (in this case, CTL-OPT-SHIFT-CMD-S).

Obviously, both solutions would work for any application, not just Safari.


Trigger Predefined Action -> Controlling other applications -> Show/Hide Specific Application is the best way to accomplish it that I could find.

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