Is it possible to configure Mail.app to use the growl notifications for incoming mail ?

Maybe there is an external script doing that too ?

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You need to download GrowlMail, however every time MacOS X is updated the version of GrowlMail becomes outdated and won't run (under Snow Leopard, at least).

I think that the current version of GrowlMail doesn't work with Mac OS X 10.6.7 at present. Details of why it keeps breaking are here. It is annoying but seems unavoidable.


Growl is great, but there's a standalone extension that adds way more functionality to Mail.app. It's called Herald: http://erikhinterbichler.com/software/herald/

Herald is continuing the awesome tradition of Mail.appetizer, if you remember that one from a few years ago. It is superior.

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I outlined my method of using Growl in conjunction with Apple Mail, mail rules and AppleScript here: Is there any way to get a pop-up notification on my iPhone or iPad when mail arrives?

The code for the AppleScript is also included in the answer I provided.

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