I am wondering how I could achieve something like that in the current version of Keynote for OSX:

For example the current slide is 3 and the total slides are 10.
And I want to show it like (3 / 10) and so on.

I could do it manually, but is there some automation for it?


Keynote has no such feature (counting the total number of slides).

Semi-manual solution: Add the total number of slides as a text-box " /10"in your Master configuration. Place it next to the automatic slide number that Keynote generates.

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X of Y may not work. But solely X page could. I've just configure this feature on keynote follow the answer below, it did worked.

Answer: http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/keynote-how-to-add-pagenumber-on-the-sheet.341924/

Someone asked same question almost ten years before at macrumors. Thanks Google.

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