How can I make an Applescript that Mail.app on my Mac can run? When it encounters a message that is being sent to mac@email.com, I'd like it to redirect it to email@gmail.com, where the "From" field is NOT mac@email.com, but rather is the "From" field on the original email that was sent to mac@email.com.

E.g., I'm Joe Schmo and I send an email from joeschmo@joe.com to mac@email.com. Then the Apple Script runs and redirects that email to send it to email@gmail.com with the From tag as joeschmo@joe.com

I am planning on setting up a rule in my Mail app that runs this apple script when it encounters a message that is being sent to mac@email.com.

Note: the emails in this example are fake.


You should be able to use the "Redirect" option, under the Message menu. Actually, if I'm reading your question right, you should be able to do this entirely through a rule, with no Applescript needed.

Building from "How to batch forward messages from Mail.app", if you make a rule that targets emails sent to mac@email.com, just say "Redirect Message" to "email@gmail.com".

Example: Imgur

Make sense?


Well, there is no definitive answer because it depends on your email provider.

Normally an email provider will refuse an email with a FROM: field that not matches with the logged-in user. And on the other hand: What you want is a job for your email provider - he could give you the possibility to forward a mail with a preserving FROM: field.

I can´t give you an applescript because I think you won´t will use it, because of a refusing email provider.

If you want to test the whole thing please you could do this via telnet.

  • Could you at least show me how to add the From tag so I can try it out? – Robert Stephens May 1 '14 at 19:04
  • Simply: before you type the "Subject: This is a test subject" line add a "FROM: SHORTNAME <EMAILADDRESS>" line. All others you could learn from the link above. – UsersUser May 1 '14 at 19:25
  • @RobertStephens: Well, you´ve asked and I answered - no reply is rude. If my answer fits please accept the answer below or give me more details. – UsersUser Nov 13 '14 at 9:05

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