I have assigned Text Wrangler as the default app for all my .srt files (right click on one of the files -> get info -> open with Text Wrangler -> change all).

My confusion is that even though I have done this, in Finder some of the (.srt) files show as "Text file" while most show as "TextWrangler document".

I've remove all the .DS_Store files in my volume but still no change.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

In saying that, double-clicking on the .srt files marked as "text file" still opens them in Text Wrangler.

thanks a lot

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    as mentioned in the 1st sentence, these are .srt files. – mrjayviper Apr 30 '14 at 6:31

File type associations are cached by LaunchServices and can become corrupt.

Try opening /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app and entering this command:

 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

After the command finishes, log out of your user account, and log back in

srt files, which are SubRip Text (SRT) files, are actually plain text files. You can use the file command in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app to see that this is so:

      chillin@stack:~$ curl -O http://www.sub-titles.net/static/podnapisi/a/6/d/a6d482118f7790cad9926336c3f667e87618040e.zip
      chillin@stack:~$ unzip a6d482118f7790cad9926336c3f667e87618040e.zip
      Archive:  a6d482118f7790cad9926336c3f667e87618040e.zip
      inflating: Snowpiercer.2013.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-PublicHD.srt
      chillin@stack:~$ file Snowpiercer.2013.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-PublicHD.srt
      Snowpiercer.2013.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-PublicHD.srt: ASCII English text, with CRLF line terminators
      chillin@stack:~$ echo; echo '     Stack Exchange RULES!'; echo

           Stack Exchange RULES!


Show and hide filename extensions

Two ways to do it

How to clear custom application associations in OS X

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  • I'll try your suggestion tonight. thanks! ps. I do know srt files are text files. just want to make them appear as TextWrangler documents for easier sorting by kind. – mrjayviper May 12 '14 at 4:52

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