I love my iPhone and it changed the way I deal with email. However there is an annoyance: It seems that the iPhone mail app cannot deal with meeting invitations in .ics format (e.g. sent by Lotus Notes).

I use Gmail via IMAP. When I go to Gmail via PC/Browser it displays the meeting and I can accept the invitation. The Gmail iPhone page also displays it opposed to the iPhone mail client but I cannot accept it.

Is there any iPhone app / hack / workaround so I can accept invitations right inside iPhone mail or iPhone calendar (my Google calendar & contacts get pushed via Google Mobile / ActiveSync)?

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When I receive an invitation to my Gmail account, it auto populates in my Google Calendar with a question mark beside it.

Unfortunately you can't accept - however it will now show in your calendar.

If the invite is sent from gmail, there is a link to select if you want to accept the invite.

Not exactly the full answer you're looking for but, hopefully this helps.


The iPhones mail app works fine for me or the google calendar in safari. It asks if you want to accept it and simply click yes.

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    Would you be so kind to describe your setup a little more detailed? Do you connect to Gmail via IMAP or Google Sync? How about your calendar (Google Sync or ICS URL)? Are the invitations sent to your Gmail address or do you forward other mail into your Gmail Inbox? Are those invitations sent by Google Calendar or by Notes / Outlook / Exchange Server? – Sven Semmler Nov 26 '09 at 17:49
  • I have IMAP for email and Google Sync for the others. These are invitations from someones elses Google Calendar, unsure on how. However, I do know that as of recent, you are able to accept a meeting for Google Calendar but won't communicate with the original exchange server other than google. Also, meeting status is not supported in Google Calendar by the iPhone. – benjamin239 Nov 27 '09 at 1:52

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