How do I delete all the music on my iPhone. I tried doing it through iTunes but it says my collection is not managed by iTunes and I don't want to erase and sync because all my apps are nicely backed up and sorted with iTunes.

I have only seen a way of deleting song by song on the phone.

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Make sure you really want to delete all the music because they can’t be restored afterwards.

  1. Open General » Usage in Settings.
  2. Wait for iOS to load all the apps that take up the storage of your iPhone/iPad.
  3. Find and select Music from the list.
  4. You’ll see All Music in the list. Tap the Edit button on the top right, and choose to delete All Music.
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    This leaves all the songs on the Music App greyed out. If I tap on any of them, It says "Item not available - This Item cannot be played"
    – gprasant
    May 23, 2016 at 23:52

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