I'm looking for a program that will let you make the mouse pointer jump from one monitor to the center of the other monitor with a keyboard shortcut or a gesture. Does this exist? Moving the pointer across the monitors sometimes feels like more trouble than it should be.


XTool (OSAX) looks like a promising set of scripts:

From the readme:

hide mouse v : hide the mouse
    hide mouse

show mouse v : show the mouse
    show mouse

move mouse v : move the mouse to given coordinates
    move mouse [point] : where you want to move the mouse

scroll mouse v
    scroll mouse integer : the amount of scrolling
    [scroll direction vertical | horizontal] : which mouse button

click mouse v
    click mouse [point] : where to do the mouse click
    [times integer] : how many times you want to clik the mouse
    [delay integer] : delay between two mouse clicks
    [using primary button | secondary button | middle button] : which mouse button

position of the mouse v : get the location of the mouse
    position of the mouse
    → point

Sources: Apple Discussion List, Direct Download (with readme Docs)

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